Hivatalos vagy hiteles fordítás

Attested translation is often required for the submission of official documents (official certificates, annual reports, diplomas). The simplest definition of the attested translation is: ‘everything translated by OFFI’. Naturally, it does not mean that each translation produced by OFFI is an attested translation but it means that, based on a government decree, OFFI is the only translation agency that has the right to issue an ‘attested translation’.

Do not misunderstand us, it is not our intention to refer you to OFFI. We would not do that because they do not pay us commission and because, in our opinion, they are extremely inflexible and, in most cases there are cheaper, faster and more comfortable solutions.

Our agency, and the other translation agencies, can produce an ‘official translation’. That means that the translated document, which is generally produced on the basis of the original document, is proofread, printed out on paper with our company logo and a bilingual certification clause and a seal are added. This procedure is more cost effective and faster than the attestation undertaken by OFFI within an ordinary deadline of 30 days, though it is not guaranteed to be accepted by the party you intend to submit it to. It is important that you consult with the recipient as to whether the official translation is acceptable to them before you order it.

Parties who have already accepted our official translations: Canadian Embassy in Budapest, Irish Embassy in Budapest, foreign universities, foreign companies, Hungarian and foreign banks, the foreign partners of our clients, foreign customs offices.