‘Ordinary’ translation

With an ordinary translation, the source text is translated into the target language or, occasionally into multiple languages, with the well-known traditional language translation procedure. Such assignments are generally performed by qualified translators. Occasionally we choose different people for particular jobs when the translation requires such deep technical knowledge that an authentic translation can only be provided by people working in the particular field every day.

We always take into account the type of the document, because the translation of a content-based text (e.g., contract, technical literature) and the translation of a form-based text (e.g., advertisement, prosaic works) requires a different approach. The needs and instructions of the client and the purpose of the translation are also important factors.

All ‘ordinary’ translations are performed by the requested deadline. Sometimes 2-3 pages need to be translated within a few hours though, naturally, it costs less if we have two days to work on the text. Our agency has translated hundreds of pages of tenders in 2-3 days as well as manuals in a number of weeks.

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