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Educomma fordítóirodaÍrjon vagy hívjon!állunk rendelkezésére"Modern & megbízható"a fordítás szolgálatábanAzonnal segítünk!online kalkulátorunk 7/24


a fordítóiroda

18 éve fordítunk, lektorálunk, tördelünk, tolmácsolunk, használunk tolmácstechnikát. Kíváncsian figyeljük ügyfeleink tevékenységét, igényeit és célunk, hogy a legjobb megoldásokat nyújtsuk.

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Írjon vagy hívjon!

állunk rendelkezésére

Munkatársaink elérhetők 9 és 17 óra között, de ha Önnek munkaidőn kívül, esetleg hétvégén van szüksége nyelvi segítségre, ügyeletes kollégánk örömmel áll rendelkezésére!

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"Modern & reliable"

a fordítás szolgálatában

These days you need more than excellent foreign language skills to become a good translator. Computer literacy and background are equally important. That is why we focus especially on the continuous development of our tools and the training of our staff.

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Azonnal segítünk!

online kalkulátorunk 7/24

Örömmel várjuk hívását vagy e-mailjét, de addig is használja fordítási árajánlat kalkulátorunkat. Ha elégedett vele és megrendeli, munkatársaink haramarosan kapcsolatba lépnek Önnel.

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      Our translation service
      immediately available to you!


      Even on online content management interface, in MemoQ, Trados or with some other TEnT tool, as it is best.


      Are you about to organise a conference involving foreign partners? We offer you our interpreters and equipment.


      We undertake not only the translation, but also print-ready production of materials on MacOS and Windows operating systems.


      Do not hesitate to contact us or ask questions because we have been providing linguistic services for 15 years.

      download our brochure click here!

      Welcome to the website of Educomm translation agency!

      I established our company in 2004 in order to offer high quality services to satisfy the foreign language communication needs of our clients relying on my then four years of professional experience gained in translation and interpreting in the market of language services. These days EDUCOMM is a major, well capitalised company in the market of language service providers.


      Our IT systems are developed continuously in terms of hardware and software. We also strongly concentrate on the language and professional skills of our translators and interpreters and thus can compete with the largest Hungarian and international agencies.


      Each member of our team is required to offer the best solution to each client because client satisfaction is key to our success.


      Should you have any question, our collegues are at your disposal. I hope to welcome you among our clients soon.


      Dénes Nagy
      executive director, owner

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      Our language services


      The executive director of Educomm, Dénes Nagy has been engaged in translation and linguistic project management since 2000. At the beginning we worked for partners established in Hungary. Over the past few years our clients and vendors expanded. The number of our foreign partners has increased. Do you need a translation from or into Croatian, Bulgarian, Chinese or Tigrinya? With us anything is possible!


      Translation is translation. Usually the text in the target language suggests that it is not the original. If you intend to publish a document or need outstanding quality for any reason spend money on proofreading too. Think of how many orders you need to recover the cost of proofreading and make a good business decision.


      Desktop Publishing means print ready editing. We regularly work with QuarkXPress, InDesign publications and PDF format printed/generated from them. Our clients send some of them to the printing shop directly. No solution is more cost effective than using our editor who knows the text and the translators to prepare the print ready document after translation and proofreading.


      Are you expecting a guest from Croatia or a whole team from France or are you travelling to Germany or Austria to meet potential clients? Do you also know that there are times when one word is worth more than EUR 1,000 and you cannot afford any misunderstanding? The Educomm interpreters are always ready to assist you.

      Interpreting equipment

      During conferences, workshops and exhibition opening ceremonies our interpreters sit in a booth, listen to the speakers on headphones and part of the audience also listens to the translation of the speeches in the target language also through headphones. For factory visits and sightseeing we use a tour guise system which provides excellent voice quality also in the open air.
      Gyárlátogatások, városnézések során úgynevezett tour guide rendszert használunk, amely szabadtéren is kiváló hangminőséget biztosít.

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      Client focus

      About us

      DBH Innohub – Keresztúri Zsolt
      Weinberg 93 Építő Kft. – Szilágyi-Egri Ádám
      Dagmar Strobl – freelancer translater
      Museum of Fine Arts - Boróka Pénzes
      CSM bakery – Ella Fehér
      Biropharma Biotechnológia Kft. – Szabó Ákos
      Naturmed Hotel Carbona – Zsuzsanna Pápai
      Szent István University – Klára Valentinyi Mrs. Dr. Veres
      IBC Solutions – Barbara Balázs
      Andrew Wang - freelancer translater

      Key partners