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DTP is the abbreviation of Desktop Publishing . It involves the production of print-ready publications on a desktop computer and all tools used in the process.

Our company can process, translate and prepare for printing texts and materials received from clients in both Mac OSX and Windows operating systems Our experts have high-quality skills using the programs of the Adobe product line, mainly InDesign and Illustrator as well as QuarkXpress.

The IT revolution of the 21st century is extremely significant in the printing industry. It has significantly shortened the production time of printed publications and made production a lot more cost effective. While in the 20th century, printed materials were produced by experts working in different work processes, these days one computer expert can complete the entire process.

Paul Brainerd, the founder Aldus Corporation, is considered the inventor of DTP. The company launched its Aldus PageMaker program, currently known as Adobe PageMaker, in 1985. In 1987, the extremely successful QuarkXpress was introduced, which triggered competition on the market. Then Adobe accelerated its development and launched Adobe Photoshop on 1990, followed by the PDF format in 1993 and InDesign in 1999. The unconcealed objective of that move was to take over the market leader position from QuarkXpress. Most DTP editing programs were first developed for the Apple Macintosh system and the Windows versions followed shortly.

Entrust one reliable partner with the complex task of printing a document and let us take the responsibility for the translation, editing as well as the printing work.

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