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Best price guarantee

At Educomm we are continously streamlining our processes thus keeping costs and prices as low as possible.

Low price guarantee means that if you get a better price from our competitors we guarantee to give you another 5% discount. This way you always get the highest quality for the lowest price.

The offer shall not be older than 8 days issued officially by a company registered in Hungary, which has Translation registered as it's business activity for at least 5 years and its website confirms the activity as well. The services and conditions offered in their price quote shall be equal to Educomm's with equal offered timeframe.

Educomm reserves the right to ask for additional evidence regarding the authenticity of the counteroffers and in case of authenticity failure reserves the right to reject its obligation for submitting a more favourable offer.

According to our fair trade policy and the translators' ethical code of conduct Educomm accepts only offers that are not more than 30% or €750 lower than our original price quote.

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