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About us

EDUCOMM Kommunikációs Bt. is a language service provider, founded in 2004. It is not a simple translation agency whose activities are limited to forwarding the documents to be translated to translators who have free capacity but is a complex centre of linguistic services that helps you optimise your activities requiring linguistic services.

We can assist you effectively in achieving your targets with our 15 years of experience and innovative solutions. Our team flexibly adjusts to your needs and helps you turn the linguistic obstacles into springboards.

The name of our company reflects our two main activities: education and communication, primarily communication in foreign languages. These two activities make up EDUCOMM. edukáció (oktatás) és a kommunikáció (leginkább idegen nyelvű) együttese alkotja az EDUCOMM-ot.

We constantly look for the best solutions, developing our service and innovative methods in order to be able to offer you the best linguistic service satisfying all your needs at all times. Your translation jobs are co-ordinated by our project managers who have many years of IT and translation organisation experience and speak foreign languages.

All translation assignments are performed by qualified translators who are

  • reliable and flexible,
  • have many years of professional experience,
  • use CAT software,
  • and possess high-level computer literacy skills.

Our translation pool consists of hundreds of Hungarian and foreign translators, based on whom we guarantee excellent quality.

Below we present the team that has developed a great deal over the past few years and is committed to satisfy your requirements:


Judit Vágó

Language Division Manager

2020 májusában kislánya született, így otthonról várja, hogy visszatérjen 🙂 2013-ban beugrósként érkezett hozzánk, de lelkiismeretessége, ügyfelekhez való hozzáállása és maximalizmusa annyira elvarázsoló volt, hogy fordítási üzletágunk vezetőjévé vált.

Melinda Maczkó-Horváth

Project Manager

Melinda joined the team in 2018. She speaks excellent English and has a special understanding of logics. She has outstanding computer skills and her light industry engineer qualifications are very useful in the quality control of technical translations in that field.

Anita Győri

Vendor Manager

Anita joined Educomm in 2018. As a young girl with a fresh diploma, she brought dynamism into the team. It soon turned out that her music skills and excellent English language knowledge are extremely useful to the team. Our clients are very fond of her due to her joyful, helpful and youthful attitude.

Dénes Nagy

Managing Director

Dénes looks at Educomm as his eldest child. As a founder of the company, he has been laughing and crying with Educomm for 14 years. He believes that a key to success is hard work, optimism and satisfied clients. He passes on the same principle to his colleagues and that is also reflected in the operation of the company.

Árpád Kámán

Business Development Manager

Árpi is responsible for three things: satisfaction of existing clients, extension of our clientele and improvement of our processes. As a qualified and experienced translator, he understand well not only the business but also the translation industry.

Attila Czindrity


Attila is responsible for the smooth operation of our computers, servers and network.

Erika Ruschel

Finance and accounting

Erika has been responsible for matching the accounts for 14 years. She registers the incoming invoices and arranges for their payments and she is also in charge of our outgoing invoices. She prepares our regular declarations, accounts for wages and contributions.

Bettina Posztós

Tender expert

Betti performs primarily administrative tasks for us. Her main profile is document management, licensing procedures and tender writing.

Gábor Klausz

Office Manager

Gábor moved to Malta in 2015 and is currently in charge of the representation of Educomm in Malta. His main responsibility is to provide language and integration support of Central Europeans moving to Malta. He speaks Hungarian, English and Arabic.

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